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The Trade Descriptions Ordinance Essay

<<The Trade Descriptions Ordinance商品說明條列>>

Trade Descriptions Ordinance (Cap. 362)
1. Commencement: 1st April, 198l.
2. Purpose:

To prohibit false trade descriptions, false marks and misstatements in respect of goods provided in the course of trade; to confer power to require information or instruction relating to goods to be marked on or to accompany the goods or to be included in advertisements; to restate the law relating to forgery of trade marks; and for purposes connected therewith. 3. The major Subsidiary Legislation include:

1. Trade Descriptions (Marking) (Gold and Gold Alloy) Order came into force: 1st January, 1985 2. Trade Descriptions (Definition of Platinum) Regulations came into force: 1 April, 1989 3. Trade Descriptions (Marking) (Platinum) Order came into force: 1 April, 1989 4. Trade Descriptions (Definition of Fei Cui and Natural Fei Cui) Regulations came into force: 2 Mar 2009 5. Trade Descriptions (Definition of Diamond) Regulation came into force: 2 Mar 2009 6. Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Natural Fei Cui) Order came into force: 2 Mar 2009 7. Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Diamond) Order came into force: 2 Mar 2009 8. Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Regulated Electronic Products) Order came into force: 2 Mar 2009

2013年7月19日已經全面落實並執行 ,為防止同事因不了解新修定條例的內容而誤墮陷阱,現特意將條款內容輯錄。

任何人如在營商過程或業務運作中 –
將虛假商品說明應用於任何貨品 ; 或
供應或要約供應已應用虛假商品說明的貨品; 或 管有任何已應用虛假商品說明的貨品作售賣或任何商業或製造用途 , 即屬犯罪。

1. 作出虛假商品說明

2. 具威嚇性的營業行為

3. 餌誘式廣告宣傳

4. 先誘後轉銷售行為

5. 誤導性遺漏

6. 不當地接受付款


海關電郵:[email protected]
通訊事務管理局電郵:[email protected]

查詢有關《2012年商品說明 (不良營商手法) (修訂) 條例》事項,亦可以致電: 海關熱線:2815 7711
通訊事務管理局: 2961 6333

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