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The Suppression and Exploitation of Black People in the U.S. Essay

The given extracts from ‘American Protest Literature’ written by Zoe Trodd and published in 2006 deal with the suppression and exploitation of black people in the USA and their protest against the white supremacy.

Hip-Hop as an expression of protest referring to a whole culture which was oppressed and exploited over centuries became very popular in the United States during the late 20th century. One famous hip hop artist was Tupac Shakur who was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996. Some of his first recordings were released after his death to give an impression of how socially conscious themes ruled Hip-Hop. One of those records is ‘Panther Power’ which is about his vision on America and the American Dream, which did not fulfil his dreams and expectations to his American life due to for example empty promises of the government. His intention was to motivate black people to keep on fighting for their freedom and rights.

Moreover, Trodd embodies the history of the New Black Panther Party and it’s demands formulated in their Ten Point Program which have it’s origins in the Black Panther Party’s platform from 1966. The New Black Panther Party follows a radical black nationalist philosophy demanding National Liberation due to their belief that a peaceful social existence of black and white people will be impossible. They want to end the capitalistic, violent and exploitative power which suppressed their culture over centuries. Therefore they demand especially a separate state where they can life in freedom and by their principles.

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