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The Stages in the Process of Writing a Good Essay Essay

The process should be done step by step alternately. Firstly, you have to think about the topic and idea. Then you must analyze and identify the topic that you have chosen, and you need to get some keywords. The next step is you have to look for the information about the topic. There are many ways to search it, such as book, journal, the internet, newspaper, library, and so on.

Then, you analyze the data or arguments from those sources that you have got, and you need to take some notes. If all of information is completed, you must organize it and write a plan about every step that you will write in the essay. Besides that, you need to make an outline for the essay as well. Then you can begin to write the essay. The important thing that you have to remember when you write the essay is you must be constant with the main idea and make your writing get fluent.

So, you need to use linking words and must not forget to organize your paragraph. The paragraph consists of three parts, those are introduction, body, and conclusion. You must write it in the correct order. After finishing the essay, you have to read it again and check every paragraph about the fluency. You also need to check your grammar that you use. Finally, if you have checked all of them and you feel satisfied with your essay, you need to submit it.

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