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The sense of stability Essay

For those who belong to communities it provides the sense of stability. The three essays chosen to support these ideas were: Garrison Keillor, A Wobegon Holiday Dinner; David Berreby, It Takes a Tribe; and John A. Hostetler, The Amish Charter.

Garrison Keillor’s essay, Holiday Dinner, supports this assumption, because even thought the story states an abnormal family holiday gathering; it shows at the end “Life is good. Even when it is lousy, it still good”. Even thought bad things were possibilities by bringing the fiancé, due to the past holidays with the family. There was no hesitation because that would bring tradition and stability to life.

David Berreby, It Takes a Tribe, it is supporting as well because “students don’t attend college, they join into tribes”, “a college campus is full of people inventing a sense of us and a sense of them”. This describes students coming to college to feel a place of belonging. That is why students join fraternities and sororities to feel a sense of them and us. John A. Hostetler, The Amish Charter, supports as well, in order to not break tradition, bright colors were not allowed or disrupt stability. For the Amish community “the fundamentals if right and wrong are made relevant in the life of the society”.

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