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The Secret Lives of Sgt John Wilson Essay

The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson is a biography written in the format of a novel. This novel follows the story of a Scotsman named John Wilson who moves to Canada after a series of events in his life go awry. Leaving his family and promising to return with a fresh start, John joins the RNWMP, which is now known as the RCMP. However, the move to Canada does not prove beneficial to John Wilson. This book outlines the poor decisions that lead to his adverse fate. The author’s purpose for this novel is to inform the public of a currently not well-known Saskatchewan crime that surrounds the life of John Wilson.

This novel is an informative, worthwhile read if your intentions are to learn of the crime that this book is based upon. Lois Simmie’s purpose in this novel is to illustrate a once infamous scandal that rocked Saskatchewan in the early 1900s. The transgression in this novel involves a desperately crazed man, his wife and a naive, ignorant young woman. The author is able to wind together an honest story of devotion and death. Lois Simmie accomplishes her purpose by collaborating facts from letters, police files, and documents. She wrote the novel as a factual narrative, which captures the realism of the characters involved.

By doing this she was able to educate many Canadians of just how forgotten some of Saskatchewan’s history really is. The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson is an appropriate novel to have included in the grade 12 curriculum. It is advantageous in learning about Canadian history, which is what most of ELA A/B 30 is based upon. This book is worth its value in the potential time expended because of the significance that this affair had on Saskatchewan’s past. The way this book has been formatted makes it nearly impossible to doubt the authenticity of the story, and is a mystery unfolded for literary audiences everywhere.

This novel is an account of a crime that involves a man named Sgt. John Wilson, arranged in a way that a work of fiction may be. The author’s purpose of this novel is to tell the story of Wilson, while exploring the richness of certain Canadian histories. Lois Simmie was able to achieve the intentions of her novel in only 218 pages. It is a very valuable read to a senior class in high school, due to the fact that grade 12 English is based upon the history, culture, and people of Canada.

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