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The second language Essay

The second language has one of its toughest influences in most of the third world countries where even the national language is the one that was imposed by the colonizer. It is a common trend that in most British colonies the language of the population is English. In most of these cases the foreign national language does not find a friendly ground with the native language. No wonder the third world inhabitants have a formed opinion that learning and acquiring this foreign language is being educated.(Heath and Mangiola cv, 1991)

 The so called ‘first day in school’ (Knapp and Shields, 1990) is most stressing in the third world than it will anywhere else. Apart from the harassment from the old children in school, the toddler finds to its amazement that the language it will have to be acquainted to a completely new one from the common native language it is used to.

The fact that in these parts of the world the whole curriculum is based on that one man who colonized this place complicates the whole process of learning. It must be admitted here that the famous failing of exams in the developing worlds is not always because of the poor teaching tactics of this teacher in class but most probably because of the failure of this boy and girl to have a grasp of the language of the curriculum which is a foreign one mostly(Heath, 1991).

 It is most obvious that most of the discussion will be based in the third world scope because its here that the native languages are still not developed in documentaries and that any form of communication at the national level has to in a foreign language recognized as the language of the masses .Going across Africa there is varied or a wide range of languages.

Because of colonization, the different communities in these parts of the world and the other parts of third world including the Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia the issue of the second language has pressed so hard on the population. Because many of these countries have many tribes, the only common language they can use for official purposes is the language of the colonizer. Probably this is the main reason why Uganda, Kenya,Tanzania,Nigeria,Trinidad and Tobago and United States of America to name but a few have English as a national and official language . Britain was the colonial master of all of these nations. (Garcia and

It will be very clear to give the influence of this second language by looking at an example in East Africa. In this region it is not taxing to tell a Ugandan from a Kenyan and the later will be told quite easily from their Tanzanian counterparts. Going deep further to individual countries, it is possible to tell a member of one tribe from another member of the second tribe. That this people make errors during communication is not a problem of their own making but because of their language of birth. For example for a native Lake Victoria ,the Luo tribe of Kenya, the word ‘fish’ is pronounced as , word ‘good’ goes as ‘ngood’ and drive as ndrive. To the Ugandan, the word ‘government’ is pronounced as ‘gafriment’.

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