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The Ruum and The Zoo Essay

This will be a compare and contrast type essay it will be based upon two science fictional stories one titled ‘Zoo’ and the other titled ‘Ruum’ they are both held in the future the authors of these stories are both males the author of ‘Zoo’ is Edward D. Hoch. Edward was born February 22,1930 and had died January 17,2008, the author of ‘Ruum’ is Arthur Porges he was born august 20,1915 he died may 12,2006 now you know the authors and the titles let the story begin….

The stories will have about three main elements these elements will be technology, imaginary characters, and a surprising ending the story Zoo’s technology uses spaceships the story Ruum uses spaceships and robotic predator although both Zoo and Ruum have spaceships, a spaceship in Zoo was active while a spaceship in Ruum was destroyed. The imaginary characters in Zoo are aliens which are mixtures of horse and spider from Kaan the horse spiders were a huge attraction. The imaginary creatures in Ruum was the ruum a robotic predator, similarity in both stories the creatures were aliens in Zoo they were living organisms unlike the ruum which was a non-living thing. The surprise ending in Zoo was when the creatures of Kaan had thought that the people on earth were in zoo. The surprising ending in the ruum was when Jim Irwin lost ten pounds during the long chase which had made him below the Ruum’s weight criterion these two endings were very unexpected although the ruum was more intense than the zoo

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