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The Role of Internet in Modern Life Essay

Today, the internet is one of the most powerful tools throughout the world. Every where you take .And intoday’s society ,the internet is a major part of every one’s Life , whether it is schooL ,business ,on intertainment ,it has inflaunced us immesely . The term of internet according to dictionary is : A system of conected computers that allows computer users around the world to exchange information .I think using internet has more advantages like: getting information , E-mail and communication.

Getting information is probably the biggest advantage is offering by internet . There is ahuge amount of information available on the internet about every subject , for example, if you want to kow a bout the life’s of any poets and their products you can down load it .Also if you want to know the weather of any place of the world . it’s easier for you to get information instead of you search to the books in the Liberary . And you can get any data that you are looking for it .

Another advantages of internet is using E-mail . E-mail is now an essential communication tools in business; working; with it you can send and receive instantly electronic massages. Which works like writing letters, by internet your massage are delivered topeople anywhere in the world .Todays E-mail is unlike traditional E-mail that takes a lot of time

Also another advantages of it is communication that people have the ability to link to other people and place in fast speed . You can meet friends well, and discuss common issues, and talking about their culture.

Finally , I think internet has somany advantage. Personaly, I have accepted the invention of internet to be an exceptional learning and internet tool .And I hope everyone usesinternet information not using it in a bad way.

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