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The Richards College of Business, University of West Georgia Essay

I would like to request a GMAT waiver for admission into the Richard School of Business. Since my graduation from UNLV 7 years ago, I have been working in the medical industry as a Territory Manager/ Sales Representative. My Territory Management Responsibilities • Ensured quality coaching around objective setting with objectives that are robust. challenging, aligned and specific with sales representatives • Conducted quality face –to- face objective setting performance discussions with established timeframes and opportunities with my representatives.

• Provided specific feedback on agreed upon objectives, employee strengths and areas form improvement, individual achievement of results, competencies and values • Conduct Territory Management Plans and Quarterly Business Plan Reviews • Provided frequent, clear, balanced (both positive and constructive) and honest feedback with individual reps • Currently hold regular team meetings to discuss areas of opportunities with our various markets: Managed Care/Formulary

We are currently in a Launch Phase until the end of July with a New Medication that treats patients that are suffering from depression. The intense phase of launching this product consist of daily lunches, appointments, nightly presentations, weekly conference call hosted by me and extensive travel ( I cover the entire state of Nevada) I will out of the country for 2 weeks making a visit to our corporate office in Paris during the month July. At which time I would like to ask for a waiver based on my tenure and experience in the medical industry.

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