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The Research Methodology Essay

The Research Methodology

The descriptive survey method of research was utilized in this study. A survey questionnaire was used to gather all the needed data. Information regarding the profiles of the respondents (student and the enrollment personnel), the status of the existing enrollment in terms of its resources used (personnel involved, machines and equipment, procedures and forms used), the problems encountered by the customers in the existing enrollment system were analyzed. The results of the study were served asa an input for management review and action plan.

Fig.1 Flow of the Study
Input -status of the existing enrollment process, problems encountered in the existing enrollment system Process -analysis of information base on the survey questionnaire, statistical computation, and interpretation Output -inputs for management review and action plan

Fig.2 Location Map of Cebu Technological University

This study was conducted in CTU-Main Campus located along the corners of R. Palma Street and M.J. Cuenco, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000. There are four (4) colleges of the campus: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Engineering, and College of Technology. Together with the colleges are the enrollment stations namely: Clinic, NSTP (first year), PTA, MIS, EDPO, Cashier, and Registrar.

The respondents of this study were the customers of the enrollment process of the school, both the student and the personnel assigned for the enrollment process with the four (4) colleges of the school.

Table 1
Distribution of Respondents

This study used the research-made questionnaire to gather data that could provide the needed information.

Gathering Data
Random sampling method was used in gathering the data. Students belong to the day and night programs were also considered to determine the appropriate sample size and a 5% margin of error was used. The sample was drawn using the Slovin’s Formula.

Scoring Procedure
To facilitate the computation of the weighted mean, each weight was assigned to the scale eith its corresponding verbal description.

a. On the Respondent’s Self-Assessment as to their knowledge of the equipments used b. On the Respondent’s Perception regarding the existing system c. On Possible Problems encountered in the existing enrollment system

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