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The requirements and procedures for carrying Essay

1.4-Describe the requirements and procedures for carrying out a risk assessment for displays.

When putting up a display you must consider main things about health and safety and carry out a risk assessment if needed. If any tables and chairs are obstructing the display board, any staples used are not still lying around after using for children to use. The height of the display board should be at a height where all children are able to see it and reach it, to prevent anyone from trying to climb on chairs to see and reach the display board. Also think about what is going on the display board, will it injuire anyone or is it fragile.

1.2-Describe the importance and purposes of displays in the school.

Displays are put up in schools to show work from all children. It shows parents/carers, visitors that children are working well, and also learning. Putting up children’s work on displays makes them feel like they have achieved something, and it also give them more confidence about themselves if they see that their work has been put up for everyone to see, it will make them feel that they have produced a good piece of work. When Ofsted come in to schools, it will give a good impression to them that pupils in the school learn well, and participate in all learning activities. Having a display can encourage children in class to learn.

1.3-Describe how displays are used in the learning process.

Displays in the classroom can motivate children to learn more. Having displays up provides a stimulating environment for children and it ensures children to be stimulated to learn. If you didn’t have displays up, children would not want to learn anything. Sometimes displays can be used for decorative purposes, but they also help encourage children to focus on the topic that they are learning about.

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