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The Relevance of the Retraction Controversy Essay

Our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was the mind that was behind the destruction of the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines. I was fortunate enough to watch this movie and be able to see one. These movies opened my mind and rattle my principle in life. A principle that was recently established and I treated as important part of my life. Rizal was named as the Great Malayan, Expert doctor and others. The whole world recognizes his fame and genius mind. In our country alone many buildings, street and as name for a section in the fourth year. Truly Rizal is universal. Rizal’s fame resulted to different controversies. In 1904 Bishop Gregorio Aglipay destroyed the Catholic Monopoly. He then founded a church and made Rizal a saint. In 1912 the movies was a hit in the country.

Two American film makers raced to make a movie about Rizal. Edward Gross was Filming the life of Rizal in Manila. Albert Yearsley shoots only the climax of Rizal’s life which was his execution. Rizal’s liberal ideas destroyed the Spaniards which was replaced by the Americans. Succeeded by the Japanese but the Americans returned. In the end the Filipinos won the freedom. All of his greatness and fame led to the propagation of cult that treats Rizal as their God or Dios ng Katagalugan. Rizal’s life was dedicated to free his oppressed people.

He is against the Friars who abuse their authority in religion to become wealthy. December 25, 1896 the last Christmas of Rizal for on December 26 he was accused as pioneer of the revolution but he pleaded not guilty. On December 28 the sentence was approved by firing squad two days later which was known throughout Manila except for Rizal. Doña Lolay or Doña Teodora Mercado Rizal stressed the Spanish education system was dark in the monastery not like the educational system today which is bright and clear. In those days gaining knowledge was almost a crime.

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