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The range of groups and individuals Essay

1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in your own job role. Communication affects my work in many ways, and is a vital part of my job role. As a manager I must be able to communicate effectively with the service user, their families and friends, staff members and professionals. There are many ways of effective communication and some may be more effective than others depending on the situation to which it is used and the ability of the receiver. Communication in my job role may range from one to one verbal communication to body language and non-verbal communication such as British sign language and Braille. Telephone calls and text messaging are also very effective forms of communication alongside electronic written correspondence such as email, and postal correspondence in the form of letters and reports.

In my role, it is important that I can communicate in the correct way to ensure that the needs of the service user are understood and are dealt with correctly. Effective written and verbal communication and being able to use a variety of interpersonal techniques helps to promote strong working relationships and will promote good quality care for the service user. For example when I meet a service user on the initial visit we discuss their needs and wishes to ensure they receive the appropriate care and support package that is individually tailored to meet there needs. I hold regular review meetings with the service user, the key worker, family members and other professionals to establish any changing needs.

I contact the service user regularly by telephone to ensure that everything is working well with the service. I also hold regular staff meetings and one to one meetings to ensure effective open communication between the office and the staff on duty. This enables staff to raise any concerns that they may have and for actions to be implemented to reduce or eliminate the concern. I produce reports, update care plans and risk assessments and attend multi-disciplinary meetings with other professionals to discuss the needs of the service user and support them to achieve there desired outcome or goal.

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