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The Problems of Unemployment Among Malaysia Graduates. Essay

Recently, Malaysian people have been taught facing on the issue of high unemployment rates among the local graduates. This issue has been a phenomenon to the current news as it has been aired on the television, newspaper, internet and others agency. There are several problems of the unemployment among Malaysia graduates such as lack of skill experiences, Malaysia graduates demand too much on salary and employer does not believe in fresh graduates.

Firstly, the main problem ability of the unemployment among Malaysia graduates is the lack of skills and experiences. Nowadays a lot of theoretical subject have been taught without implementing the practical sides and without skills you have nothing to apply to solve problem efficiently. Then, they are lacking of English command skill and poor communication skills that make them difficult to get a good job. Next, the courses that they are took was not suitable and relevant to the industry. Thus, it is very hard for them to get appropriate job in the market.

Secondly, another problem of unemployment is Malaysia graduates demand too much on salary at the unreasonable. They want the salary more than what they are deserve. Besides that, they want a job location must near from their house because easy for them to commute from their house to the work place. Thus, employer are expecting graduates who with experiences from different areas.

Last but not least, employer does not believe in fresh graduate’s ability. Fresh graduates have no experiences. The employer nowadays requires graduates to have some work experiences in order to requirement of qualified. Next, employer expectation of fresh graduates is also one of the factors that lead to the unemployment of graduates. Thus, graduates have low confidence or low soft esteem especially in job interview.

In conclusion, fresh graduates from universities or colleges must prepare themselves in term of mental and physical before getting into the working
world. Thus, all of skills and experiences, demanding on salary and employer does not believe in fresh graduates are the causes of unemployment among Malaysian graduates.

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