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The Problems of Modern School Essay

Everybody knows that modern school isn’t ideal. There are some problems and difficulties that worsen the process of education. So today I’d like to discuss one of these problems with you. And also propose some ways of how we could avoid them in the school of future as if we were responsible for its arrangement. First of all I’d like to speak about the school curriculum. We all understand that it so difficult to schedule it in such a way that it would be suitable and comfortable for teachers and pupils. But just here appears a problem. Pupils are not allowed to choose subjects they’d like to study and that would be useful for their future profession. Of course, I don’t want to say that they could select for example only two or three subjects. No, I don’t mean that. But what I’d like to say is the following.

At first after the 9th form pupils should pass some tests which would determine their abilities and aptitudes at certain disciplines, at certain subjects. And then teachers should offer them different kinds of programs which would help the pupils to direct their efforts in the sphere they had chosen. So that finishing school they would already have been prepared for entering the University. Of course, I understand that all that I have proposed it’s difficult to implement but I think that we just have to try to do that, because in my opinion it’s a real chance for teachers and for the Board of Education in general, to get pupils involved in the process of studying.

And we all know that nowadays exists such problem at school. From year to year there are more and more pupils who don’t want to do anything at some subjects. I can say even more sharply. There are some subjects which they dislike or just hate. And they don’t hide their attitude. I believe that the main reason of such behavior is that they are not interested in the process of education. And I’m sure that if we want to raise highly educated and self-sufficient children, we do need to change our system of education. So, I understand that is only my opinion, and I really glad that I could express it in front of you. And now I’d like to hear your points of view. May be they will be different. What do you think about this problem? Or, may be, you don’t see any problem in this situation at all?

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