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The Practical Capstone Essay

During the Practical Capstone, you will plan two lessons, teach the lessons you plan, video a 6-to-10 minute section of each lesson, and reflect on your experience. You will send your work to your Capstone Supervisor, who will serve as your individual mentor. S/he will provide you with individual feedback, discuss the specific questions you have about your teaching, and support you as you work to further develop your teaching. The overall aim of the Practical Capstone is for participants to learn to reflect on and assess their own teaching, and to make thoughtful changes to their teaching to better support student learning.

Practical Capstone Assignment
You will teach and receive feedback on two lessons. For each lesson, please do the following:

1. Plan your lesson using the lesson plan form attached in this e-mail. 2. Teach the lesson you plan. Video 6-to-10 minutes of the lesson. DO NOT make your video longer than 10 minutes or you may not be able to upload it. 3. Watch the video of your lesson. Upload your video, following the instructions attached in this e-mail. 4. Reflect on your lesson and the specific part of the lesson you video recorded by answering the questions in the “Reflection on a Lesson” handout attached in this e-mail. 5. E-mail your lesson plan, video link, and reflection to your Capstone Supervisor (your mentor). 6. You and your Capstone Supervisor/Mentor will then discuss your work over the telephone, Skype or through e-mail dialog. Please let your mentor know which style of communication best suits you.

Please do not send your mentor both lessons at the same time. You should complete steps one to six above for the first lesson before teaching the second lesson.

Please begin work when you are ready.
We will let you know who your Capstone Supervisor/Mentor is in the near future.

To receive the World Learning SIT Best Practices in TESOL, participants must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Fully complete the Practical Capstone Assignment (see above) by 25 May 2012; 2. Demonstrate the ability to identify significant strengths and areas for improvement in your teaching; 3. Demonstrate the ability to state your beliefs about what helps and hinders student learning, and link these beliefs to your classroom practice; 4. Demonstrate the ability to make SMART action plans to improve your teaching; and 5. Demonstrate a willingness to receive and act on feedback.

Essay Topics:

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