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The person you admire Essay

– Who is the person you admire? (Is he/she a popular person, a special one to your life, your acquaintance, your (close) friend, your partner, your colleague or just your relative?) – What does he/she mean to you? (Idol, example…)

– His/her special condition. (Poor, rich, handicapped, disabled, orphaned, adopted…) – Is he/she an extraordinary/ordinary person?
– Is he/she a wacky person? (Does this affects him/her a lot about his life, personality, thoughts, study…?) – Does he/she have any reputation? (Slow learner, lazy student, hidden talents, genius…) – Does he/she proud of or ashamed of who they are?

– Does he/she do what he/she want to and believe in or just follow other people’s path? – Does he/she make mistakes?
– Does he/she keep moving on or sit regretfully in the dark aftewards? – What does he/she do when he/she in trouble?
– Does he/she feel depressed, disappointed or desperate when he/she reaches a deadlock/standstill? – Does he/she give in to fate?
– Does he/she make extraordinary efforts or right decisions to overcome difficulties? – Does he/she wait for chances to come or create chances themselves? – What is he/she special/famous for? (Success, richness, enthusiasm, non-stop efforts, inspiration, talent, loyalty, silent contributions, difference, personality, sayings, achievements, legacies, great affection, extraordinary brain, inventions, creativity, bravery-valour, progressive mind, delightment, patience, kindness, honesty, tolerance…) – Which of the above that make(s) you admire him/her?

– Which one of those is the best example for you to follow?
– What can you learn from him/her?
– Can you learn a lesson from his/her mistakes?
– Does his/her story give you the motivation to overcome difficulties? – Have you ever lived in the illusion of being that person?
– Have you ever tried to be that person or tried being that person? – How important is the role that he/she plays in your mind? – If one day you know
a ugly truth about him/her, which is a disgrace of his/her life, will this admiration still remain or not? Why?

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