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The Painted Door Literary Analysis Essay

Marriage is something that is sometimes hard to keep and brings struggles to people’s lives. “The Painted Door”, a short story written by Sinclair Ross, involves a married couple who goes through multiple conflicts and endeavor to live with each other on a distant farmland. Ann, John’s solitary wife, has fallen into an unusual attraction to John’s friend Steven. Although John is partly responsible for his tragic end, Ann should also take the blame for John’s death. John is partly accountable for his own death. In fact, he is an introverted man who works all day. He doesn’t take the time to spend with Ann or enjoy his life.

Even when they go out for relaxation ”John never dance[s] or enjoy[s] himself” (367). Moreover, he tends to ignore his wife’s need for attention which eventually leads to Ann running towards another man. Even though John’s ignorance to his wife’s emotional needs cause some problems between them, Ann should also take some blame for the tragedy. Ann is obligated for her husband’s outcome. She constantly groans about her loneliness and how she is unaccompanied. When Steve comes, she finds him so different from John. This idea is supported by the phrase”His young lips [curve] soft and full.

While John… “(377). Failing to resist Steven’s appeal, Ann falls for him. In fact, she tries to impress him by changing to” another dress, hair rearranged”(377). These all result in John abandons the house and gets freeze in the bitter storm. Overall, both John and Ann are both responsible for John’s misfortune. The lack of communication, attention and support between them lead to the misunderstanding of each other’s needs. Furthermore, they pursue for different things in their lives. It is true that marriage can sometime result in people living confused and miserable.

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