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The Nursing Home Administrator Essay

The Nursing Home Administrator is the head of operations at a nursing home. The position requires licensure to practice in a state. Individual states have different requirements for licensure but generally people have proof of adequate education, experience, experience of guidance under preceptor. The licensure examination requirements covers basic topics of nursing home administration with Master’s degree or Gerontology. The Administrator manages personnel, processing of admissions, manages finances, and overseeing day to (1).

There are moral, educational, and work experience requirements to meet prior to meeting with Board of Examiners of nursing home administrators. The moral character and suitability for licensure is a reflection of the ability for the individual needed to fulfill the responsibilities of nursing home administrator, competency, and ethical values. The educational requirements include a Baccalaureate or higher level of education including supplemental educational credits in education for long-term care, health care, gerontology, and personnel management from an accredited educational program.

The selected educational course is to be completed with acceptable grades from an accredited institution. The selected courses are to be completed within a certain period of time to be eligible to take Nursing Home Administrator licensure exam. To meet requirements coursework, a 300 level class or higher, predominantly rich with inpatient, health care, and nursing home as Master’s degree in Health Care Administrator, Health Facility Administrator requiring certain number of hours of field experience or work experience as full-time Administrator of Record in a certain period of time prior to licensure.

The work experience requirements include completing a 12 months approved internship. The full-time experience must include predominantly supervisory role for resident care, be a financially compensated position, and completed in a certain period of time. There are alternatives to the credit hours courses in nursing home administration are two or more years within five years as Administration of Record of nursing facility, have a current five years American College of Health Care Administration certification (2).

The licensure exam requirements for Nursing Home Administration are completion of the former requirements, a passing score on the exam approved by the Board. The role of a nursing home administrator encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities. People skills and effectively communicating, on various levels, delegating tasks, overseeing residents with the quality of life and social programs available, and being able to multitask can be a rewarding position.

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