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The Notebook Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Notebook

Since the beginning of time the word ‘Love’ claims its existence and proves to the world that nothing and no one can over thrown its fame. It is undeniable that if one starts talking about love everybody can relate. We all wish for a happy ending in our love stories but we have to face the fact that everything might not go as we wish it to be even if how much we work on it. As Catullus said,” It is difficult to put aside a long-standing love; it is difficult, but somehow you must do it. ” Our destiny lies in our own hands. We must not let somebody do it for us. After all, it is our own…

The Notebook: An Epic Love Story

This movie is an incredible adaptation of the book The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. The movie followed the book and did nothing to make you cringe. Nick Cassavetes did an excellent job directing this film and made it the movie it is! The plot of the story is based around a young couple. They fall madly in love with all the twists and drama young lovers will have. The young couple is seperated during World War 2 but is reunited after 7 years. The young man feels the same way about the girl as he did when he first met her. When the cameras start rolling in this film we see an old man reading to an old woman from…