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The needs of ElectroMyCycle Essay

1. Explain why you think your design meets the needs of ElectroMyCycle?

The design that ElectroMyCycle wanted to use was not a good idea so I removed the DMZ to secure my web server better. Instead of the DMZ we are going to use port forwarding to the DNS to give user’s access to the web server making it more secure. 2. List the major user communities for your design. Accounts payable, and receivable, Human recourses, sales, and management. 3. List the major data stores and the user communities for each data store. The data server will be running in R.A.I.D 5 with all drives hot swappable, the main community that will be using this is the Accounts payable, and receivable with limited access to sales. The application server will also have a large amount of use with all users having read access as it will be hosting the higher yield programs. Lastly the Web server will be focused on sales and HR offering a limited secondary access to the database server.

4. Identify major network traffic flows in your network topology drawing. Come in from internet to the DNS server the DNS server will send it to the designated location then the web server will query the data base server and store data. 5. How does your design provide security for ElectroMyCycle’s network? I will be doing security in layers; Firewalls, ACLS, Vlans, security policies, Anti-virus, Physical security, port parking, Monitoring software. 6. What questions will you ask ElectroMyCycle about this project as you do your work? The number of end users, did you allocate for future growth, do you need wireless capabilities, would you need future support.

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