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The NAACP and the UNIA’s goals and strategies Essay

Your Assignment
Your assignment is to compare the missions of the UNIA and the NAACP and write about each organization’s approaches to confronting discrimination. You will then assume the role of a young African American living in the 1920s who has joined one of the organizations and explain your reasons for joining in a brief paragraph.

Before you get started, look over the NAACP’s mission statement, the Explanation of the Objects of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, and what you have previously learned about the two groups. Use this information to compare the goals and tactics of the NAACP and the UNIA.

1. Complete the chart below to compare the NAACP and the UNIA’s goals and strategies. (6 points)

2. The NAACP and the UNIA focused on African American communities in different places, even other countries. How did the focus of the NAACP’s efforts differ from that of the UNIA? (2 points) NAACP goal was to defend people in the courts of the law. UNIA goal was to improve black society and keep it separate from white society.

3. Imagine that you are a young African American living in a northern city in the 1920s. From that perspective, answer the following questions. (6 points) a. In your opinion, which organization speaks to your needs most, the UNIA or the NAACP? Why? I think the UNIA would benefit me because if I were to live an all-black community I would feel safer and would not have to worry about my house being attacked.

b. In your opinion, which organization has the greatest potential for bringing about positive change? Why? I think the NAACP has the greatest potential for change because they were actively fight for change and to make black and whites equal.

c. Which organization’s views on American society most closely match your own? Why? I think the NAACP views match my views because I see all races as equals.

4. Now, you are ready to write. Imagine that you are a young African American living in a northern city in the 1920s. Which organization would you join — the NAACP or the UNIA — and why? Write a diary paragraph explaining your decision. (16 points) Be sure to begin with a strong hook and include a thesis statement that lays out your main argument, supporting details, and a good conclusion. I think I would join the NAACP because they did a lot more to fight racial injustice. Garvery seemed more focused on getting freedmen to Liberia then fight stereotypes such as Jim Crow. UNIA seemed more like a failed business; they formed a shipping company with shoddy boats and formed other businesses that shut down after a couple years. NAACP however focused on the advancement of African American rights and that is why I would join the NAACP.

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