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The most important investment Essay

Young people are more easily  easier to find a job if universities offer more courses to prepare students for the future before they start working = before graduation. It is very hard for a graduate student to find a good job in such a competitive world. Due to the declined economy, most companies have to cut their future budgets  costs by hiring less fewer workers with high quality.

Therefore, offering job preparation gives students an edge over those who lack basic knowledge about job market. And students have to learn a lot of things before they face the real job environment, such like as how to get along with supervisors and colleagues, how to complete a task by deadline, how to be an honest and valuable employer employee in you’re a company. Those little things aspects may easily defeat people if they are lack of job preparation, so it is very necessary for universities and colleges to offer a job preparation before students start working.

经济不好  人们精神压力大

学费高涨  家长投资大  期望高

The first reason is the current social realities. Colleges or Universities should offer more courses to prepare students for the future before they start working. This is especially true when we consider the fact that people nowadays are constantly facing financial pressure and tuition fees have been soaring for the past few years despite the recession. Parents make a substantial investment so that their children can have access to further education, so they do expect reasonable return quantified by the job skills students possess.

Moreover, one of universities’ major concerns is placed on students’ academic knowledge and skills regarding their specific subject. Students merely acquire academic qualifications for their future careers. This is definitely inadequate because of slow economy and fierce competition. Therefore, it is justifiable to say that employment skills should be accessible to undergraduates during their studies in universities.

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