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The modern-day visual age Essay

One of the major influences of the modern-day visual age today was Eadweard J. Muybridge. He was truly a revolutionary thinker during his time and gave ideas that was fantastic and at the same time ingenious. A photographer with supreme skills, Helios, as his pseudonym, was an acclaimed landscape photographer showing the extravagance of the West. He singlehandedly created photographic icons of his era, a movement captured in time. Muybridge’s method of taking these moving photos involved chemical formulas for the processing of the photos and an electrical trigger that was designed by Muybridge himself.

During his time, basic sequential photography was at the boundaries of technology and photography. Hence, Muybridge became a photographer and a motion picture inventor as well. He “froze” the movements by his way of capturing the photograph during the act of motion. Boxes, camels, elephants, all captured in time. Today this may not be a feat never heard of, but Muybridge’s ideas and technology evolved to what we know today as the cinema and television.

Indeed a master of photography, he was able to pioneer motion capture of animal locomotion. Through his ideas of capturing motion with multiple cameras and using different cameras on different angles, he was able to start a revolution. Thought first ever movie star was not Muybridge, it was Occident – Stanford’s racehorse, and it made him famous overnight and started the revolution of cinema movement. Works Cited Clegg, Brian. The Man Who Stopped Time: The Illuminating Story of Eadweard Muybridge. Joseph Henry Press, 2007.

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