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The mass media as an institution Essay

The mass media as an institution has become an essential element in our society, for the mass media helped shape the culture of American society, especially those concerning the values, traditions, and norms of the society. American Journalism began in the late 1700’s and slowly fourished throughout it’s time. During the Federalist and Republican era newspapers were circulated throughout the elite. This is due to the fact that they were run by either the politically or economically elite. There purpose was to advocate a party or view point in which that person or faction sided with. However distribution was quite a burden, the cost to create and transport the newspapers to the public was barely worth results.

The changing of tides has brought upon a connected and compact society which contribute to the current mass media. Technology has a great deal to do with the change over time; from the Rotary Press which could print about a thousand copies a day, to the current internet which lacks the need of copies.All of these factors have streched American Journalisms’ influence to every corner and household. One aspect that has ceized to change is the one sided stance each media group gives. Just as the Gazette of the United States gave a federalist stance each newspaper or magizine has its own opinion which consequently leaks on to the pages. Compared to the Gazette of the United Sates, recent publications are un-biased just because they portray two sides of an issue. However the media will continually persist to favor the side of an issue in which they believe or even benefit.

The mass media has recently helped proliferate the need of the people to access and know everything and every issue that is of public interest and concern to the society. Because of its influential ability to provide people with information and knowledge that are current and up-to-date, the mass media as a communication institution gradually transformed to be an economic, cultural and politically-influenced institution as well.

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