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The Marketing Concept Essay

The marketing concept consists of three basic elements.

1.Customer Orientation

2.Company Commitment

3.Company Goals

The first concept that I will define and explain is customer orientation. Customer orientation is producing items that people want, and selling the effectively. In order to perform this task will need to base your decision-making on customer’s needs and wants. So, instead of trying to market what is easiest to make, you must find out much more about what the consumer is willing to buy. In other words, you must apply your creativeness more intelligently to people and their needs, rather that to products.

Next is company commitment. Company commitment is when the business coordinates all of its marketing activities with each other and with all other business functions, such as accounting, production, management, and administration. This should enable the organization to improve its effectiveness in providing customer satisfaction.

When a company commits itself to consumer satisfaction and uses it resources for that purpose, the third element of the marketing concept, achievement of goals, should happen. Companies continue to exist by achieving their long-term goals; not by making quick sales, offerings, or changes that do not satisfy customer needs.

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