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The Manland Experiment Essay

1. The Manland experiment lasted only one weekend in one store. The marketing advantages and disadvantages of expanding it to other stores? Do you think IKEA should do more with this idea? Why or why not? The advantage was this was an attempt to continue IKEA’s image as family-friendly with the goal to appeal to all men as an environment offering a rewarding shopping experience. The area was set up for men to play video games or watch sports while their wives or girlfriends shopped.

The disadvantage is the campaign targeted heterosexual men, who do not like shopping. IKEA was among the first advertisers to target gay couples. However, homosexual, single and men, who enjoy shopping were overlooked in this campaign. The idea should not be expanded since only a segment of IKEA’s market was targeted. Hence, limiting possible sales. 2. Would you classify IKEA’s products as suitable for conspicuous consumption, voluntary simplicity, and/or compensatory consumption? Explain your answer. IKEA’s products are suitable for voluntary simplicity to align with their theme of complete, simple living to make life easier for everyone creating a sense of balance. However, voluntary simplicity can evolve into conspicuous consumption for those individuals, who may become addicted to shopping from IKEA.

3. IKEA’s ads targeting gay couples have drawn criticism as well as acclaim. What effect do you think such controversy has on the retailer’s image and appeal? The effect of IKEA’s Ad Targeting Gay Couples Aired during a time retailers didn’t target this market. However, IKEA Was Instrumental in targeting not only Gay Couples but single parents, divorced couples, and empty nesters. While a small percentage of consumers criticized the move, IKEA’s appeal an image improved.

4. Why would IKEA continue to print millions of catalogs every year, while other retailers are eliminating printed catalogs in favor of online and in-store shopping?

While, other retailers are eliminating printed catalogs in favor of on-line shopping and in-store shopping the IKEA consumer still expresses demand to have a catalog in their hand. Shopping for consumers right at their fingertips.

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