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The life of people Essay

The life of people is getting better day by day and the technology is one of factor contributing that outcome. To consider one strong economical country or developed country, people usually look at its technological system. Therefore, I strongly agree with the statement that governments should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology.

Firstly, thanks to technology people can work in an efficient way. Defining the modern life, one usually sees there are more machines to help people. In addition, some countries are using the higher productivity levels in manufacturing as they can in order to increase quality and quantity of products. For instance, Japanese used to be a poor country after the World War II and they had to suffer strongly damage of the war. However, they have realized the importance of technology and have concentrated using technology to produce cars. In present time, Japan is the biggest car industry all over the world.

In addition to technology also brings for human being a high quality of living. To some extent, we can easily see the helping of technology in our daily life, such as washing machine or refrigerator. People can keep food within one month, and saving many hours cleaning clothes. Without airplane technology, before if one wants to go travel between countries, he or she has to use boats or trains. It takes so much time, but now we can do that just with few hours.

Finally, computer is one of the most useful study aids for students nowadays. Computers have been using widely in schools, laboratories. Students were too tired with schoolbooks, wasting time in transferring from home to school. However, now they can save all their books in their personal computer or even just stay at home and study with an internet connection. Thus, when technology invested more money, students will study easier. Technology strengthens one country indirectly this way.

In conclusion, technology is one of a main factor that helps people life more productive. With the reasons I have listed above, governments should give majority amount of money in making technological industry stronger.

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