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The Life of a Soldier Essay

Life consisted of their complete determination to keep fighting and to maintain themselves strong. But only certain armies could accomplish and be more efficient in that aspect. Many fought long distances away from home in areas where conditions were scarce. Such conditions and hardships is what influenced and encouraged war exhaustion and desertion. But despite the difficulties, at least one had the chance to get clean. The chance to be hygienic was an indispensable prop to self-esteem. Another important issue was keeping soldiers fed. Immense efforts were taken to make sure soldiers were fed, even if they caused starvation within the citizens.

Starvation played a major role of the collapse of some armies, one being, the latter’s army. With commanders of armies trying to ensure food and the improvement of their food, starvation was growing within society. But not only did the act of keeping clean and eating maintained their morale, communication with home was also a very significant factor. Soldiers would send and receive letters from friends and family members; such letters helped soldiers stay up-to-date to the life that was left behind.

And even though a soldiers life was a routine, deadly, and sad; soldiers would try to do things that would help them get their minds off having to go into no man’s land the next day. Soldiers would take any opportunity that came at hand for fun when not in line. Many played gambling games (which was the most universal activity), football, boxing, tank races, and art. Many soldiers sought for the opportunity to be creative.

Soldiers lived a much narrowed down life. Devastating was the fact that soldiers that survived knew that the next day could be their last day. Conditions in trenches were impacted and poor. But regardless of what could happen the next day; soldiers tried their best to maintain their morale.

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