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The Life for a Soldier in World War One Essay

Living condition was terrible in the trenches. First trenches began with the Germanys invading France 3rd of august 1914, Germanys plans were to take all of France than the rest of Europe. Britain declared on Germany. Germany thought they would win over France. The British trenches were worse than the Germanys trench. The British had to keep on going making new trenches on the way. The Germanys trenches were so much better than the British because they were defending most of the time while the British were attacking and keep on moving.

There was man in the trenches there were 450 men in one trench. It took 450 men six hours to build 250 meters of trench. There were many dieses such as trench foot trench foot was when soldiers never changed their socks. And there were holes in the sock the soldier’s feet then the foot became swollen. Blister and the eventually became numb from never damage.

The second disease was trench fever. It was transmitted by body lice. It was a particularly painful disease that caused sudden pain (i.e. joint pain, muscle pain, rashes, severe headaches) and was followed by high fever. Soldiers with trench fever had to be sent away from the trenches to recover as it was highly contagious and it was also pretty impossible to recover in the trenches unhygienic conditions. Recovery could take up to 12 weeks.

There was many fighting in the trench by Germany’s. There were also heavy shells at night. Daily routine of a soldier in the trench. The daily routine would start with stand to arms which mean the solider will climed onto the fire step to observe if the enemy does a surprise attack.

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