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The Lemon Tree Dilemma Essay

I have completed a full investigation of your organization, The Lemon Tree, regarding issues that have arisen which have caused dissonance with the equal employment opportunity laws. To begin with, there have been specific incidents that have been properly documented that have clearly violated the Title VII laws of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Two of your managers from different departments of your corporation have infringed upon certain rights of the Title VII Civil Rights Act. To begin with, an infringement of the harassment policy under Title VII was violated by the heads of two distinct research departments. Firstly, it has been noted that the manager, Paul Peel, had harassed the employee, Peter Dragon, regarding the issue of drug use. During my investigation, I had come to realize that Mr. Peter Dragon did have past occurrences of drug use that your company had discovered via drug testing.

However, I have also took into consideration that he had passed the majority of the drug tests and the ones in which he failed on were due to traces of various chemicals that Mr. Dragon was exposed to during his daily work tasks. Moreover, I have also considered the fact that your company had financially sponsored Mr. Dragon to spend time in a drug rehabilitation center to cure him of his drug addiction. Furthermore, the doctor in charge of Mr. Dragon at the rehabilitation center had advised that he had been fully cured from his addiction.

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