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The Lawsuit Essay

When looking for resources I came across a critical review to my story “The Lawsuit” by Naguib Mahfouz I came across a post which gave me a better insight of the story. My story was about a man who had trouble within on rather or not to help his step mother who he feels stole everything from him and his family. My article tried to evaluate his character and why the son wouldn’t try to get a better understand on why his step mother was asking him for money. The author of the article also tried to put himself into the perspective on why he had so much anger towards her.

The son would question how could someone who was so beautiful needs help now. She could get anything with her looks and no twenty years later she was begging not his deceased father but his son for money. Why couldn’t she remarry or get a job like everyone else in the world. The son did not want to look into maybe things in life had prevented her from getting a job. Maybe the widow had hardships. When finally seeing his father widow in court he say that she was fat, ugly, and appeared older then her age.

The son finally saw all the hardship she went through and decided to not fight her on her lawsuit but to bless her. For example “She couldn’t rely on her looks anymore and she never knew how to work for her living, so she could only fall back upon the son who sees this and doesn’t mind helping her out. ” Helping people is better than holding a grudge against. The author’s main point of the story was to help us understand the son’s point of view and why he felt the way he did.

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