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The Lake House Story Essay

The stories is about six hybrid children (bird/human) Max, Oz, Mathew, Ic, Peter and Wendy who were rescued from a place called the “Hospital”. The children were rescued by a vet named Frannie O’Neil and a FBI agent named Kit. After being rescued by the couple the kids built a strong bond with Frannie and Kit after staying with them for sometime. The couple soon find themselves in court fighting for custody for the children from each of their biological parents. Even though the kids dearly want Kit and Frannie to be their parents the judge decides for them to be with their biological parents. All the kids hated being with their parents. Mathew was often bullied at school ,Peter and Wendy were used for commercials all the time, courtesy to their parents. On day a man named Ethan Kane, the man in charge of the “Hospital” tried to kidnap Max and Mathew. With their high intelligence and remarkable strength they managed to escape to safety and meet up with the rest of the flock.

Collectively the children fly to Frannie’s house. Later that night workers from the “Hospital” attempt to break into Frannie’s house. Frannie comes up with an escape plan and sets her house on fire hoping to create a diversion from the workers while she and the other children escape from the basement of her home. After they escape the kids and Frannie meet up with Kit. Kit then takes them all to his home in Washington where the “Hospital” is located. While Kit and Frannie are out running errands the kids once again get a visit from the workers from the Hospital and get kidnapped. Oz is shot by a sniper trying to protect Max. Frannie and Kit try to protect the kids but are drugged and taken to the “Hospital” along with the children.

Soon Max escapes and finds that patients are hooked up to holographic monitors, which takes the patients deep inside their dreams while their organs are being taken and used for the “Resurrection” of rich and famous people . Max manages to rescue Kit, Frannie and the other kids, and they all escape. Although they try to expose the “Hospital”, all evidence of their experiments disappear. The next appeal hearing takes place a few days shortly after the whole “Hospital” catastrophy.The judge decides it’s best the children go with Frannie and Kit.

The family rejoices and moves back to the Lake House. There, Frannie notices that Max has been in her room all morning. She goes to investigate and finds out that Max has laid two eggs. One night, Kane suprisingly breaks into Max’s room to steal the eggs. Max knocks him out of the window hoping she’d break his neck. Four weeks later, the eggs hatch. The winged babies are a boy and a girl, who are name Ozymandias and Frances Jane. The book ends with Max thinking that she can’t wait to teach them how to fly.

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