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Friendship In The Kite Runner Essay

As children, Amir and Hassan enjoyed doing things together, but Amir never considered Hassan and him to be friends. Amir thought and felt this way because he knew that no matter how time would pass, it wouldn’t change who they were. In the end, Amir would always be a Pashtun and Hassan a Hazara. They did feed from the same breast and they grew up together, so nothing was going to change that either. Amir is afraid to be Hassans true friend because of the discrimination that comes along with it. Hassan is loyal to Amir because is a servant to the Khan’s. His father, Ali has taught him to righteous and loyal to Amir to the point that he should never even think of disobeying and starting trouble. Amir constantly tests this loyalty because he can’t understand how someone can be so loyal to anyone. He tries to make Hassan make a mistake because he is jealous of Hassan’s loyalty.

He does this in some instances like when he asks Hassan if he would ever lie to him, and Hassan replies saying that he would rather eat dirt than lie to Amir. All the “tests” of loyalty he has given Hassan has always led to trouble. Amir does this to see if Hassan will show his own selfishness to relieve him of his own guilt. Amir has this resentment towards Hassan because at certain areas in the novel his father, Baba, shows more love and care to Hassan than he does to him. He does not actually have this hatred towards Hassan, he is just jealous over the fact that his father can love someone more than him, especially when that someone is a servant.

He is also jealous of Hassan having a loving father like Ali. Amir underestimates Hassan because of the differences of their religion. Amir comes from a very wealthy and respected family; on the other hand Hassan is just a Hazara servant. No one would expect Amir to befriend a servant like Hassan, so in a way, Amir looks down upon Hassan. Although the class is something that definitely affects the relationship between Amir and Hassan. In some way, both boys see each other a true friends. Although Amir does not always show it, the way he feels towards some occasions shows that he does. Their feelings towards each other, although not clear, are undoubtedly friends.

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