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The Key to Success Essay

Everyone wants to be a success in life. Whether it’s as simple as wining a soccer game or as big as ending up in the Genius World Book, many have goals that most people want to succeed in. In order to succeed, however, there are many traits that could be beneficial to have. Some basic factors that can lead to success are having a positive attitude and being responsible.

The main key to success would be to have a positive mind set. Success will take a lot of time and effort and life just reminds humanity to keep on training. Every failure is a closer step to success. Giving up on something won’t help with gaining success or reaching the ultimate goal. For example, if a player wants to score a goal during one of the games and misses the first couple of times, thinking that it won’t be possible won’t get anyone anywhere. Everyone should always believe that anything can happen. It is very important to fuel the mind with positive energy. With positive energy fuel, anyone is capable of accomplishing things that others would have thought to be impossible. Success will come eventually, along with the right actions.

Being responsible is another important aspect to being successful. If something is hard, speak up and ask for help because sitting around won’t help. Education and doing well in school will help teens get a better chance at being successful. For instance, doing homework on time is a responsibility that will lead to success at school. A failure to do so will result in a poor grade, which will then affect the overall grade at the end. Managing time efficiently is also crucial in order to gain success. If a certain task is given to do at work and there are other things to complete at the same time, one must try to work around and find time to finish all. This will also increase someone’s chance at success. If an employee is unable to finish the task, there are consequences from the boss. 100 percent responsibility and effort is needed in order to be on the road to success.

Having a positive attitude plus the right actions will definitely help in the long run to becoming a success. It’s the little things like these that get people on the right track. Success doesn’t come without difficulty. There is a lot more to it and it will take some time, but thinking positively that anything is possible and being responsible will help get the task done.

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