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The Islam Controversy Essay

In the recent years, Islam has been closely associated with terrorist and violent actions, as well as lack of respect for women and their rights. There have been numerous ideas and beliefs about the Muslim faith and culture that are misconceived and misplaced. It is said the Muslims conquered everything by sword and fire- an idea that has built a belief that the Islamic faith and culture is rooted in terrorism and violence. On the other hand, there exist the true and ideal traits of the Islamic faith. These aspects are little known to most of the non-Muslim people; and the few who know them are more like brainwashed by the stereotypes about this culture and faith. Therefore, there is need to take a look at the things that have made Islam receive the perception it has today, and at the same time compare them with the ideal beliefs and pillars of the Muslim faith and culture.

Having in mind that the population of Muslims has increased considerably with the past few years, it is vital to harmonize the perceptions non-Muslims have about Muslims with the true aspects of the Islamic faith. This can only be done by getting ample knowledge on both sides of the coin and getting real about them. It is a fact that Islam is a religion and culture characterized by unending controversy. The Muslim society on the other hand has come into light clarifying and justifying its stand in regard to the perceptions and stereotypes directed towards it.

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