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The Industrial Revolution: Assessment Essay

Although these innovations were not without a price. The abuse and injustice done to workers in these factories were so abdominal and horrifying it sparked an entire art movement. Realism depicted the accurate conditions in which workers, often children, worked. Though this was an undoubtedly horrible consequence of the Industrial Revolution, it has allowed for us to learn from our mistakes. Today there are child labor laws and labor laws in general that are enforced for the workers protection. This may not be the case world wide but the Industrial Revolution is a prominent part of history and people are generally opposed to ever allowing such to happen again. This will hopefully, eventually spark the same law enforcement in other countries.

Inventions such as the Spinning Jenny and the Water Frame allowed for a larger production of goods, which in turn led to lowered prices. Economies flourished and new cities began to rise. An example of this prosperity is Manchester, once a simple market town it steadily grew to become an industrial center. Another positive effect of the Industrial Revolution is the notable Erie Canal. The Erie Canal was a phenomenon in the world of engineering. It linked the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean which allowed for an indisputably better way to ship goods. This feat of engineering brought the cost of shipping down nearly a hundred percent! In short, while there were severe ramifications of the Industrial Revolution it is without a doubt that the Industrial Revolution was a positive event in our history. It has led us to the efficiency we take for granted in our lives today.

The Industrial Revolution had both pros and cons, but at the end of the day, the positive outcomes outweigh the negative effects. The Industrial Revolution began with an innovation in the textile industry. Although this inevitably led to mistreatment and negligence of workers, it allowed for the technological breakthrough that has led to a more efficient way of life.

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