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The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact Essay

One of the key assets of an enterprise is information. Huge amounts of raw data are produced during every operational transaction in the company. Processing raw data into valuable information allows an enterprise to take more accurate decisions into action. Information technologies give support in big business systems like (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning, utilized in recognizing, extracting and analyzing business data, such as, sales revenue by product and/or department. Measuring data is difficult, and companies have to have complex systems for tracking ERP. Outsourcing Data

With changing times, systems need to have data energy uses calculated into the core processes to retain more accurate data. Measuring impact is the recognized way in which you show the value your organization is delivering to its recipients and the general public as a whole. Often, companies feel the need to cut internal energy use; therefore, they outsource data processing duties. Businesses must be cautious when outsourcing data. This outsourcing can cause serious issues if the outsourced work is inaccurate or worse, manipulated to cause intentional damage to the company. It is difficult to have patience with outsourced companies that produce inaccurate work, as that is the main objective: they were hired to do the job proficiently and accurately. Having internal processes in place for data formulas can cut down significantly on misuse and incorrect data entry, as well as cut back on security breaches. Making sure that the data is properly reduced and not just passed on to another person. Data accuracy is essential, we must heed caution when reviewing others data, how do we know the information is accurate and correct. Unfortunately, there are unethical practices within data processing, and there are companies who are more into financial gain rather than upholding moral responsibilities.

In today’s competing business environment, companies should consider the competitive advantages of business information tools that provide more advanced analysis options for organizational data. Furthermore, organizations need to overcome the technical and organizational challenges of implementing more advanced information technologies in order to achieve efficient utilization of it.

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