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The importance of ethics Essay

The importance of ethics has been increasing in all professions of the world and the radiologic sciences profession happens to be no different. R. T. s are faced with various ethical dilemmas throughout their career. Sometimes it is hard to judge whether their actions would harm their patients. Sometimes they are pressurized to act unethically. Sometimes there is a fine line between being ethical and being unethical. R. T.

s need to understand their code of ethics and also understand their own rights. By doing this they ensure that they act ethically in all situations. Acting ethically is always the right option as acting unethically always has dire consequences for the R. T. himself and his profession. During our professional careers we face many ethical dilemmas. Sometimes the more easier and profitable option is unethical and we are enticed towards it.

Being ethical is our duty towards mankind and our profession. The most important thing for us to understand is what exactly is ethical and what is unethical. Some guidelines are provided by code of conducts of professional organizations but most ethical dilemmas need to be sorted out by the professional himself. There is a fine line between being ethical and unethical. A professional needs to choose wisely as being ethical is his duty and is something that eventually pays in the long run.

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