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The IEP meeting of Star Essay

The IEP meeting of Star, presented three professionals who are Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Rouviere, and Ms. McNeil. Mrs. Brown is the regular classroom teacher, who teaches her students the represented curriculum. Mrs. Rouviere: Speech Therapist; Mrs. Rouviere works with Star to improve her speech, language, voice, cognitive-communication and her fluency. Mrs. McNeil: Interpreter; helps Star to bridge the communication gap by making sure Star can understand what’s going on around her. Through: facial expressions, choice of words, attitude and etc.

These communications can represent different meanings that Star needs to be able to understand. Rhonda: Special Education Teacher: works with Star to help her to develop life skills and her basic literacy skills. Rhonda still keeps to Star’s regular curriculum schedule which helps her to focus on her education being taught in the regular classroom. Occupational Therapist: helps improve Star’s ability to perform tasks in her surrounding environment and to help improve her basic motor functions and reasoning abilities.

Star’s Occupational Therapists goal is to help her obtain a productive, independent, and satisfying lifestyle. Para-Educator: works with Star when the teacher is involved with the rest of the class and is unable to take that one on one time with Star. The Para takes on typical tasks performing instructional activities planned by the teacher. The Para gives Mrs. Brown the feedback of Star’s progress. Deaf Education Teacher: teaches Star how to communicate to others using different techniques like sign language. However, all of these professionals work together on a daily basis to meet the needs of Star.

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