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The Iconoclastic Controversy Essay

The paper is devoted to the study of the Iconoclastic Controversy that had a profound effect on the development of church and theology in 8-9th century AD. For the better understanding of the problem, the notion of icons is explained with their seeming simplicity and spiritual meaning. Then, the definition of iconoclasm is given and the substance of the controversy is described. The paper reviews a brief historical development of the issue and examines two iconoclastic periods, of 730-787 and 814-843, with their respective characteristics and results.

The study also reviews the major argumentation of both sides of the conflict, the iconoclasts and the iconodules. Having viewed the historical development and the positions of the opponents, the paper analyzes the outcomes of the iconoclastic controversy that are dual: on the one side, the use of icons is restored and theologically justified, and on the other side, the question is not resolved completely and allows further disputes within the Western church.

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