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The human mind Essay

It is almost always the case for the scientific community to look for knowledge about how the human mind really works. However, some aspects of studying provide limitations as to what actually can be researched about and what are non-feasible. For this issue, it can be a daunting experience to prove something based solely on perception without using any physical evidence to support it. It is very apparent that there is no complete detail that the unconscious truly exists. As a repressed memory or as a mind reservoir, no particular evidence has been identified to support the existence of the unconscious (Carroll, 2005).

Primarily, the scope of the study should at least undertake to consider all of the possible variants of human experiences in order to establish a standard scale of how the unconscious works. But the mere indirect evidences coming simply from brain scanners do not actually prove anything that the subconscious actually has its own activities beyond the control of the person. In that case, it does not make sense to establish a therapeutic approach about the subject matter if only an inferential perception is to be used as evidence.

2. A scientific research is a very good way to look for answers about questions that cannot simply be put into rest by mere observation. Trough scientific researching, all of the scopes of influence of a particular inquiry will be addressed. In a research with consistency, a simple hypothesis may become a theory (Wudka, 1998). Also, the scientific process of looking for answers can provide a universal understanding among the people who may want to take part in the study since a uniform approach can be maintained for analysis.

In the aspect of supporting a theory, a scientific research does not directly provide the answer but most of the time gives the step by step guide to let the experimenter to infer. Therefore, the results of the research can be used as evidences to support whether a claim or a theory is valid.


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