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The Guest Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Practicum Report

I. INTRODUCTION A. Name And General Location Chowking located at 3rd floor 168 Mall, Soler Recto. Location Map of Chowking B. Objective/hotel/restaurant philosophy Our Vision Statement We will be one of the top 3 oriental QSR brand in the world by 2020 Our Mission statement To serve great tasting food bringing the joy of eating to everyone. Our philosophy To consistently serve steaming hot devious food in five minute or less with a smile, in a clean looking and clean smelling sore. `C. Ownersihp/Management Fresh and famous inc, company IIDISCUSSIONOF FINDINGS/ANALYSIS/RECOMMNEDAION * AREA OF CONERN (General) 1) Oraganization structure. there 5 waiter/food server in chowking headed by the Captain Waiter (Mr. Marcelo Sicat). The waiter who stayed there for the…