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The Governments’ Responsibility Essay

Whether or not rich countries should help poor nations by providing food and education has long been an issue. Others go against such act of charity arguing that it is the poor countries’ governments’ full responsibility. I say, charity is good, but governments should not rely on it.

Rich countries like Japan, Australia and the United States (to name a few) have been sending volunteers to aid poor and developing countries like the Philippines. Indeed, they have done much to improve the lives of the people in these countries. However, eventually, the governments of these countries tend to pass on the responsibility of taking their citizens’ welfare into the hands of the wealthy. Somehow, they forget that it is their task to uplift the lives of their people. And, rich countries are not required, whatsoever, to lend assistance.

However true this may be, human nature still rules. Because we are not made to live by ourselves, we reach out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. This is made even more possible through the United Nations Organization which brings every nation, rich or poor, closer. Through the UNO, rich countries send assistance to poor and developing countries by sending basic needs such as food, clothing and education. True enough, economic conditions of benefiting countries have alleviated.

Nevertheless, the effort should not be one-sided. National governments should always see first-hand the welfare of their people. Seeking for aide should not always be the option. For the betterment of the nation, governments should inspire the people to help themselves by providing employment opportunities for basic needs to be met. The government should come up with programs to provide free education, so that their sense of pride would boost up, thus, motivating them to improve their lives with the government’s assistance.

To sum it up, it is basically the governments’ responsibility to bring about progress in their nation through their citizens. Wealthy nations are not and should not be required to share their wealth. Charity is an act of love, not an obligation. We can’t just rely on aides for the rest of our lives, can we?

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