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The Gaza Strip Essay

The Gaza Strip is a territory on the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which borders Egypt on the southwest and borders Israel on the north and east. The population size of the Gaza strip is 1.7 billion people. The population in the Gaza Strip is predominately Muslim. Around the year 1949 the Gaza Strip was controlled by Egypt. In the six day war in 1967 Israel took control of the Gaza strip. Later on in 2005 Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip. Since 2007 Hamas controls the Gaza Strip.

Even though neither Palestine nor Israel had control of the Gaza Strip, this territory has always had a fight for power. In 1948 the Gaza Strip was an all-Palestine government which was established by the Arab league in September of 1948. In 1967 Palestine had no longer had any control over the Gaza Strip. The Israel-Egypt Armistice Agreement of 24 February 1949 separated Egypt and Israeli forces. This boundary is still the present day boundary between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Both sides did declare that the boundary was not an international boundary. The Palestine government was ended because it was accused of being more façade for Egyptian control with independent funding or influence.

Through the years Israel and Palestine had both had many conflicts with each other over control of the land. Even though there is a lot of constant conflict in the Gaza Strip, it has the seventh highest population growth in the world. The yearly growth of the Gaza Strip is 3.2%.

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