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The Experiences of older People who live with a long-term condition Essay

Which of the four contemporary approaches to communication described in your textbook is probably used in the studies? The experiences of older People who live with a long-term condition” I have come to the conclusion that two of the four contemporary approaches to communication have been used. The social science approach is the first one I noticed was used right away. Since social science researchers focus on the causes, they seek what factors first influence communication behavior. They make hypothesis from theories and then put the hypothesis through tests using different methods. Some methods used are observing the subjects through laboratory or natural settings and then using surveys and particular interviews to get the required information.

Once data is collected, researchers use the data to confirm their hypothesis whether it’s true or not. What information in the abstracts has led you to believe this? Because the article also emphasizes in-depth study of communication, I believe the interpretive approach was utilized as well. The qualitative data/tests methods used during the interpretive approach answers questions like, “what is it like?” and “how does it feel?”. This particular article took that same approach with some of the questions and explanations contained within. As opposed to manipulating the research situation in the lab, the study came from naturally occurring communication settings. “Demand-withdraw patterns in marital conflict in the home”

This article is very in-depth as far as research and data being collected and has been studied thoroughly by some of the top psychiatrists in the world. Very informative information about the patterns of demand-withdraw patterns in married couples. It explains what the symptoms are and some of the possible reasons of marital conflict and the connection to spousal depression. To understand and describe individual human communication behavior in specific situations is one of the rules in the interpretive paradigm. The study of a married couple is quite the example of the interpretive approach in my opinion. The fact that humans construct their own realities is amongst some of the guidelines interpretive researches abide by.

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