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The distinctively visual techniques Essay

The distinctively visual techniques created by Henry Lawson in his short stories, differ in techniques but relate in ideas and concepts to those created in Baz Luhrmann’s film “Australia” Both Henry Lawson and Baz Luhrmann use distinctively visual techniques in their portrayals of life in the Australian Bush. Their stereotypical views of bush society in the outback are shown through their chosen median with techniques of “chronological listing” ‘film montage’ ‘colloquial language’ and aural techniques. the short story “The Drover’s Wife” by Henry Lawson. An interesting visual scene of the role of a woman in society in the Australian outback is presented through the literary technique of chronological listing. when the drovers wife is up all night waiting for the snake to surface vivid recollections of her previous experiences of ‘drought’ ‘fire’ ‘floods’ ‘sickness’ ‘loss’ ‘stranger danger’ and ‘isolation’ gives us an insight into the interesting distinctively visual roles placed on a drovers wife in the Australian bush.

Similarly in the film “Australia” by Baz Luhrmann we are shown through interesting film techniques of montage, tracking shots, and aerial views a wide array of distance (Darwin to Faraway Downs) from civilisation, various weather conditions communicating the hardships and the isolation endured in outback society. Colloquial language in the story “Joe Wilson’s Courtship” by henry Lawson and Baz Luhrmann’s film “Australia” portrays an interesting insight into society in the Australian outback. In Joe Wilson’s courtship’ Joe addresses Mary with typical Australian slang “’what is it Mary? I said ‘Ain’t you well? Ain’t you happy’” to give the reader a distinctively visual characterisation of the lack of education in Australian outback society. In the film “Australia” the same stereotype of an uneducated bush society is shown in the bar scene where one of the locals say “She deserves a drink just like any man” .

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