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The Disadvantages and Advantage of Each of These Means of Transport Essay

In our modern word today, there is transport of choices for us. Although people do enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in their own private vehicles, in my opinion they may choose public transports. Overall, we are able to recognize its huge benefits such as safety, facility and familiarize with environment, even in some cases these vehicles also assist us moving faster than others do. Daily, if we spend a few minute to travel around the world by Medias, we will be able to catch images of pitiful accidents and most of them come from cars and motorbikes. In Vietnam, a developing country of Southeast Asia, where almost people do enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in their own private vehicle is motorbike, no more than to speak that traffic accidents are really an obsession. It is a very different picture from developed countries. These countries, everyone often select public transport instead. According to Regional Transit Authority report, in United State riding transit bus is 91 times safer than car travel.

At the same time, public transport may create strong neighborhood. In fact, in this society today people seem less communicate with others, they often go to work early and then come back home late. Actually, it can make us to be cold and selfish. Therefore, public transport is like one of ways to mend this issue. Let imagine that we are sitting in the train and talking with others about our life or our work on the road to association, and then on the road to come back home after working hard we can free to share our working day to others, how wonderful it would be? Certainly, we will never get that feeling if we drive our car or motorbike.

Furthermore, in my opinion public transport is the most familiarized with the environmental, social and personal benefits for present and future generations. This is one-step. It significantly reduces dependency on gasoline, reducing auto fuel consumption. For example, a person who commutes 60 miles each way daily could save an estimated 1,888 gallons of gasoline every year by switching from using a car to using public transportation.

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