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The difference Between Canada and Iran Essay

In the following essay I would like to compare and contrast the diversity of people, people’s motivation towards a prosperous life, and modernity in Canada versus that in Iran. You need to have a much stronger opening paragraph – instead of an awkwardly written opening sentence. You need more than one sentence in an opening paragraph of an essay.

The first striking difference between Iran and Vancouver is the diversity of the people. In Vancouver, there are a lot of people who comecoming from different countries, and havewith different cultures and backgrounds. For example, in Vancouver, it is usual to see a lot of Chinese, Middle Eastern, European, and African people. Vancouver is a mishmash of different cultures, while. Whereas Iran is a homogeneous society.

In Iran,; and people share the same background and history in terms of their ancestors so the culture and people are not in stark contrast and it’s relatively easy to get a grasp of the culture. However, in general, in Iran in general, it appears that people in Iran are more serious about their desire for a prosperous life than people in Vancouver..

The second thing that I have noticed about the life in Vancouver is the view of people towards their liveslife. It appears to me that in Vancouver, people would rather put their social liveslife first, instead of before working hard to build a better life for themselves. In contrast, Whereas, in Iran most people in Iran are looking to achieve a better future for themselves, and they are more determined about what they are looking for.

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