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The development of the United States Essay

What role did Enlightenment ideas play in the development of the United States? Give at least two examples to support your answer. The conconstitution used philosophers from the enlightenment era example is montesquies learned seperated powers and checks john locke used the ability of life and liberty’s and power How are the ideas of the Magna Carta evident in the founding documents of the US? manga carta set a precedent for the idea of a limited central governing body. briefly explain the role of legislative, executive and judical branches and how the power of the government is seperated among them.

The legislative makes the law, executive enforces the laws, and judical interpret the law the power of government that is the seperation is by the US constitution they all share the of laws so the USA can be safe to not be against each other. In your opinion, does the government work the way it should. Is power shared equally or does one branch control more than its shared? Be sure to support your answers with details or examples. The constitution goal was to have congress have more power over the years the executive and judical have gained power the main branch will be executive. Give one example of how you are affected on a daily basis giving by the following city/country government, your state government and federal. Education, health benifits, social security,etc. And federal gives you money with what you need.

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